Communication from Mr. Ali Fassi Fihri
President AMEPA


Since its independance, Morocco has always viewed water as a lever and one of the socio-economic priorities. Indeed, our country has developed a long-term strategy based on the mobilization of water resources.
In fact, building dams and a system of governance involving the powerful supreme council of the water and climate as the highest authority invested with the coordination between the various stakeholders in the sector for a better allocation of resources and national use is a proactive policy.

Regarding the drinking water sector, ONEP (National Office of Drinking Water) was established in 1972. The main missions of this office were to organize the sector, to equip the country with drinking water production facilities and to manage the distribution for municipalities.

Furthermore, to boost the sector and meet the development requirements, the Moroccan association of Water Supply and Sanitation involving key public and private sectors was created to promote industry and engineering in the national water and sanitation areas.

As of today, the drinking water supply is widespread in the urban areas and ambitious programs have been undertaken to generalize access to drinking water in rural areas through a coverage rate of 90%.

The sewerage and environmental protection also benefited from structuring programs in achieving plants treatment and sewerage systems in several centers and municipalities.


This strategy covers also environmental aspects such as projects to protect water resources through urban wastewater treatment and industrial wastes standardization.


The international water exhibition offers another opportunity to evaluate the main achievements in our country and the level of know-how to ensure a water management in line with national and international requirements.



                                                                                                                                                                                      President AMEPA
                                                                                                                                                                                       Mr Ali FASSI FIHRI