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General: Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and the largest metropolis in the Maghreb. With over 4 million inhabitants, it is undoubtedly the economic and financial capital of the country. With its international airport which serves several cities in the world, and thanks to its harbor which is the largest in the Maghreb, Casablanca is now a major business city.


Accommodation: casablanca offers various categories of hotels and residential apartments suitable for all styles and all budgets.
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Restaurants:Moroccan cuisine is famous for its dishes such as the tagine, sweet and sour combinations, the couscous, thepastilla, the lamb barbecue as well as fish dishes.
Casablanca is also known for international cuisines, one can find historical French cuisine in the medina as well as new and trendy restaurants all over the city representing the five continents


Shopping: Casablanca offers a large variety of products when it comes to shopping. One can shop in the old medina productsfrom the traditional Moroccan craftsmanship or shop around the numerous malls and luxury brands aroundthe city especially the Morocco Mall which opened recently and is the largest shopping center in Africa.

Visits: Among the places to visit, you have the old medina and the harbor. The « Place des Nations Unis » is the center of the new town. The courthouse which was built in 1925 is famous for its architecture. You can also visit the Hassan II Mosque, the third largest mosque in the world which is built by the sea. You can also admire the 800 sqm of stained glass of Notre Dame de Lourdes which was built in 1956.


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